Foals at Kílhraun

Foals at Kílhraun 2016

As usual a few foals are born at Kílhraun, every year. This summer four foals were born and of course each and everyone is a beauty.

June 2. Sunna frá Ögri had a bay horse. His father is Hljómur frá Kílhrauni. The newborn got his name Byr frá Ögri. June 12. Blíða frá Ljótunnarstöðum had a black horse, which father is Fursti frá Kílhrauni.

Byr frá Ögri

Byr frá Ögri

July 2. the two last foals were born. Spá frá Skíðbakka 1 had a bay mare. Her father is Jarl frá Árbæjarhjáleigu. Our Askja frá Kílhrauni, also had a bay mare and her father is Hrafnar frá Auðsholtshjáleigu.

Brúnn hestur undan Blíðu frá LJótunnarstöðum og Fursta frá Kílhrauni

Black horse from Blíða frá Ljótunnarstöðum og Fursti frá Kílhrauni

Jörp hryssa undan Spá frá Skíðbakka 1 og Jarli frá Árbæjarhjáleigu

Bay mare, offspring from Spá frá Skíðbakka 1 and Jarl frá Árbæjarhjáleigu

All the mares are leaving to have a date with stallions and we collect them again when the summer is over.

Then we start to look forward to the next summer.


Frigg frá Kílhrauni

Frigg frá Kílhrauni

Frigg frá Kílhrauni

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