Kílhraun at Herning


Kílhraun at Herning

Fánar í Herning

Fánar þáttökuþjóða á HM í Herning

The people at Kílhraun, among with their friends from Langholtskot, went for a vacation at World Championship for Icelandic Horses at Herning in Denmark.

The planners of the event did a good job during the whole week. The schedule was accurate, the people was friendly and the whole place was tidy and clean all the time.

We were not bored in Denmark. Took our place at the Grand Stand every day but still got a change to look at places like the Zoo in Giveskud and the shopping mall in Herning. The oval track was though the main attraction and many good runs was shown there. The Icelandic team was good, but no one as good as Kristín Lárusdóttir who won the World Championship in tölt.

We had a lot to discuss at the Stand. Performance of the riders and horses and the result from the judges. Between events we discussed the results and evaluated the performance.

Á leið í stúkuna í Herning

Ásdís, Ragnheiður og Manni á leið í stúkuna í Herning.

Saturday evening we were invited to dinner with Manni´s and Ragnheiður´s Danish friends. There we met friendly people with “eskimama” who was eager to serve us.

At the end of the venue everyone went home, satisfied and tired.

Útlegupartý í Herning

Í danska tjaldinu á góðri stundu í Herning








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