Blær frá Kílhrauni

Blær frá Kílhrauni

Blær frá Kílhrauni

Blær frá Kílhrauni, fimm vetra 2014. Knapi Guðmann Unnsteinsson

Blær frá Kílhrauni is born 2009. His father is Straumur frá Sauðárkróki (8,37) and Lýsa frá Litlu Sandvík. Blær is chestnut with no white marks. He is a beautiful horse with soft five gait. He will be a good riding horse, when taming of him is finished.

Blær is for sale. For further information, please click on this link.






Blub evaluation
Conformation Blub Rideability Blub
Head 103 Tölt 96
Neck 103 Trott 99
Back 105 Pace 104
Porpotion 101 Gallop 98
Legs 93 Spirit 98
Joints 100 General impression 96
Hooves 97 Walk 100
Mane and tail 104
Comformation 100 Rideability 99
Slow tölt 95
Total 99

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