Orka frá Kílhrauni

Orka frá Kílhrauni is born in the spring 2013. Her first price parents are Stígandi frá Stóra (8,47) and Sletta frá Dalbæ (8,0). The breeders are Lilja and Bjarni at Kílhraun.

Her name Orka (power) came to her during her first summer. She ran a lot in the fields and often she managed to get the other foales to run with her.

Blub evaluation
Conformation blub Rideability blub
Head 107 Tölt 110
Neck 104 Trott 101
Back 100 Pace 116
Proportions 106 Gallop 104
Legs 103 Spirit 112
Joints 94 General impression 110
Hooves 101 Walk 98
Maine and tail 101 Slow tölt 108
Conformation 106 Rideability 114
Total score 114