Jarl frá Kílhrauni

Jarl frá Kílhrauni

Jarl frá Kílhrauni

Jarl frá Kílhrauni, tveggja vetra.
Faðir Jarls er Kaldi frá Meðalfelli, móðir er Harpa frá Kílhrauni

Jarl frá Kílhrauni is chestnut tobiano, born 2011. His parents is Kaldi frá Meðalfelli (8,07) and Harpa frá Kílhrauni (7,78). Jarl is tall and promising horse. He show us nice movements and sometimes we see beutiful trott.

Jarl has been growing up in Kílhraun, but will be tamed by Guðmann Unnsteinsson from Langholtskot in the autumn 2015.

Jarl is for sale. If you want further information please contact us here.



Kaldi frá Meðalfelli er faðir Jarls frá Kílhrauni

Kaldi frá Meðalfelli 2010


Blub evaluation
Conformation Blub Rideability Blub
Head 103 Tölt 104
Neck 105 Trott 95
Back 97 Pace 106
Proportion 100 Gallop 98
Legs 104 Spirit 104
Joints 92 General impression 106
Hooves 104 Walk 101
Main and tail 105
Conformation 104 Rideability 105
Slow tölt 101
Total 105

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