The pack of horses

The horses, who spent their days outdoor, likes us humans when the roll of hey is unpacked. The nose gets into the hey and no time is given to look around.

It is very fortunate to look over the pack of horses and exam them. Here at Kílhraun the horses are in good shape. They have a spacious land to wander on and a good hey to feast on.

Fótur frá Enni, á 28. vetri

Fótur tasting the hey.

Fótur is the chief of the pack. He is getting a little old, starting his 28th year. His role in the pack is teaching the young one respect for the elders and the right communication among other horses. He protects the foals and the young ones until they are 2 or 3 years old. After that they have to find their place in the herd on their own.

Today Fótur do not have to struggle for his place among the horses. He has his respectable status but other are gaining for power to rule the pack. Two of them, Vindur and Glampi, are the possible successor but are far from Fótur’s respect. The old one is having a comfortable life with the foals, the young ones and the mares.

Fífa frá Kílhrauni á öðrum vetri.

Fífa frá Kílhrauni, born 2015.

Fífa frá Kílhrauni, daughter of Fursti frá Kílhrauni is one of the young ones who is learning form Fótur. She is two years old and likes the roll of hey as seen on the picture. Her colour is palatino like her mother but her looks comes from her father.

It is always a pleasure to watch the young ones grow and thrive. Little by little the character inside comes out. It gives us a hint about the future role of the young ones.

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